July 15 - July 16 | Roxas City, Capiz

A showcase of the seafood products, notably the diwal - the exotic and best tasting shellfish in the world. The 2-day festival aims to strengthen its status as the seafood capital of the country, most especially with the diwal. Activities lined up are the opening of the annual Diwal harvest, band concerts, exhibits, seminars on the environment, foodfests, cooking competitions and visits to the Diwal dive sites. During the two-day affair, all the Diwal harvest for the day will be displayed and sold to the public at the seafood fair.

June 21 - July 26 | Sapian, Capiz

It is the Sapianon’s way of celebrating their feast day in honor of their Patron Saint Anne every July 26. Tilibyugan came from the word “tibyog”, a Sapianon term which means “to unite”. Sapianons believed that by consolidating their efforts into one, their dream for a prosperous town can easily be achieved.